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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 2, 2015 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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a fox news alert, demonstrators gathering at this hour in baltimore for what they call a victory rally. thousands converging on city hall for a march through downtown. 24 hours after the city's top prosecutor charged six police officers in the death of freddie gray. this march initially planned as a protest before news broke of the officers' arrest. good afternoon. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm julie banderas. protests spreading to other cities across the country after the announcement triggered celebrations in baltimore and a greater sense of calm there just a few days after violence riots and looting rocked the lawless
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city. peter doocy is live in baltimore. what's the mood like right now? >> reporter: there's a lot of curiosity in the crowd. it seems like people have been coming from every different direction. they are walking past some fortified national guard and state trooper positions that are on every corner every side of this spot which is a green grass lawn between city hall behind us and then the war memorial across the street which is where the state's prosecutor for baltimore, marilyn mosby, announced those charges against six officers yesterday in the homicide case of freddie gray. but something we are hearing and something we see on a lot of signs are that the six officers who are charged, the six officers who are now going to have to answer to the charges of how freddie gray died are not enough for a lot of people in the crowd. so they're trying to get people to register to vote. they say six officers charged, that's a start, but 12 jurors who will then sit on each of
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those trials could make a difference. they want people to register to vote here so that they can potentially sit on a jury of one of those officers. you look around the crowd, most people are very calm. most people seem happy. there are some people who are very angry, though and the crowd continues to grow. some folks arrived here from part of an organized march a few hundred people that started out at the spot where freddie gray was pinned down by police more than two weeks ago and then arrested but some people are again, coming on their own, home-made signs, home-made tee shirts. as the crowd continues to grow that means there will be a lot more variables. that could change but for now, we are not seeing the anguish we saw in the days leading up to monday's riots and then we are not really seeing right now much of the tension that we saw in the days that followed although the military presence and the police presence is unmistakable. they are all watching and ready to make a move if things turn. >> it's really incredible to see
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what a difference a week makes. what can we expect for the rest of the day in baltimore? >> reporter: later on from today, here in about 25 minutes, we are going to get a speech from an out of town activist that a lot of civil rights leaders here in baltimore didn't want to show up because he's known for saying inflammatory things and really stirring up the pot. as officials here in baltimore are pointing to relative calm for the last few nights with the curfew they are trying to get that curfew lifted. they are worried about what somebody from the outside might say to stir up the crowd and to make the curfew even -- perhaps prolong the curfew or make things even more tense at night. the curfew is having a real impact. it has kept things relatively calm. but businesses in this area are completely deserted starting at about 8:00 p.m. and for most of
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the day today, it seems, people just aren't coming to baltimore. the officials here are very nervous about what this activist might say and we will have to wait a few minutes to see how his remarks change the story. >> great reporting, peter doocy. thank you very much. kelly? mayday protests getting tense at times in oakland. a group of several hundred smashing windows, damaging cars and drawing graffiti on businesses as they march through the downtown area. police officers clashed with demonstrators in seattle and several other west coast cities as well. will carr is live in los angeles with more details. what's happening? >> reporter: on mayday you historically see protests over immigration and labor issues but with all of the national tension going on we saw some of those protests break away from being peaceful yesterday and quickly
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turn violent. seattle police had to use pepper spray after they say a peaceful demonstration turned into a riot. protesters were dressed in black, had their faces covered and they clashed with officers. one bike officer actually got attacked by a protester. others hurled wrenches rocks and burning objects at officers. three ended up being seriously injured. seattle police tweeted pics of items they found on protesters. on one man they found a hammer wood poles, a battery, rocks, a knife and a wrench. on another they found a wrench and a knife that had the word "death" written on the blade. 16 people ended up being arrested. protests also grew violent in oakland where demonstrators broke windows out of dozens of cars and several banks while screaming quote, baltimore, we got your back and cursing at police.
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organizers though say that kind of behavior detracts from their overall message. >> we are standing in solidarity with baltimore. on behalf of baltimore, we should emulate what baltimoreans are doing and what the community is doing and what the state is doing. we should not be breaking windows and causing harm to our law enforcement. >> reporter: we also saw large marches in los angeles and san francisco. those were peaceful. >> thanks, will carr. julie? a task force of roughly 60 u.s. marines is now on the ground in nepal assisting recovery efforts there following that massive earthquake one week ago. they will be using special osprey aircraft capable of delivering food and medical supplies to the harder to reach rural areas. the death toll in nepal has climbed past 6600. the government meantime says the main need right now is for
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survivors and shelter due to the sheer number of damaged buildings there. the u.n. says nepal may face a humanitarian crisis warning that tens of thousands of children are among the homeless with little access to food. afghanistan officials are starting two days of so-called reconciliation talks with the taliban. the terror group has identified eight people representing them and insist these are not peace or negotiation talks. a spokesperson for the afghan president says members of the high peace council are attending the talks in qatar and there are quote, no expectations. previous efforts for peace talks with the taliban have failed. police in germany say they found a violent extremist video on the computer of a couple arrested last week for planning a boston marathon style attack. police seized weapons, including a pipe bomb and chemicals used to make explosives. authorities believe they were
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plotting an attack on a professional cycling race scheduled for yesterday near frankfurt. the race was called off and now police are looking into whether the couple had any accomplices. the democratic primary just got more interesting with independent vermont senator bernie sanders injecting a moreive agenda. what does that mean however, for hillary clinton's campaign for president? or for the growing pool of republicans? plus counting down to the most exciting two minutes in sports. the field is now down to 18 horses for the 141st running of the kentucky derby. ♪ ♪music continues♪ [daughter] papa! [father] i missed you.
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possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical welcome back everyone. time now for a quick check of your headlines.
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a west virginia state survey finds about 50 chemical storage tanks near waterways should not have been in service. the investigation comes after a spill contaminated drinking water for more than 300,000 people in the charleston area last year. lawmakers are now pushing for tighter surveillance of chemical storage tanks. international star drops out of the kentucky derby for an unspecified reason leaving 18 horses to compete. yesterday another horse was scratched because of a sore foot. the race kicks off at 6:34 p.m. eastern. and will and kate look there, leaving a london hospital with their second baby after kate gave birth this morning to an eight pound baby girl. less than three hours after she checked into st. mary's hospital. she looks really good. the little princess is now fourth in line for the throne. congratulations. from america's election headquarters now, vermont senator bernie sanders leaping
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into the presidential race as a democrat. hillary clinton commands a healthy lead in the polls, of course and sanders promises to draw the conversation to the left. how far left? and how does the vermont independent, an avowed socialist's message of income inequality affect mrs. clinton's strategy or the republicans' for that matter? ellen ratner is a fox news contributor. brad blakeman was deputy assistant to president george w. bush and is professor of public policy and politics and international affairs at georgetown university. thank you both for coming here. ellen, sanders and clinton both want to run on a similar issue. that's appealing to the middle class. when it comes to the economy, which do you think voters will more relate to between the two? >> what you have to do when you're running for any primary whether it be republican or democrat is you have to appeal to the base. the base, large part of the base of the democratic party is what we would call elizabeth warren kind of democrats, also bernie
11:44 am
sanders kind of democrats, even though he's technically an independent. so she has to somehow appeal to that base at the same time if she wins the nomination which she is on track to win, she has to be able then to pull in that middle voter because a third of the people basically vote for the democrat and the republican and it's that middle group that really decides the election. >> okay. so brad despite saying she was dead broke after leaving the white house, hillary is a multi-millionaire, compared to bernie sanders whose home in washington is worth somewhere around $500,000. hers is about $4 million. she grew up in a middle class suburban chicago neighborhood sanders grew up poor. what do you think the voters are going to think when they compare these two? do you believe that their economic backgrounds are going to play a huge role? >> well the democrats would like you to believe now that there's actually a horse race between hillary clinton now that there's somebody else in the race but who is that somebody?
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he's a gadfly socialist independent senator from not an electoral rich state and the fact is that although he's been in the house of representatives for over a decade and now a second term in the senate the average american has never even heard of bernie sanders. bernie sanders made it a point to reject the two party system but now he embraces the two party system when it's in his interest. i don't think he's going to be taken too credibly. the good news for republicans is it's always helpful to have a democrat nipping at hillary's heels. >> he goes from independent to democrat. can he sway the left away from hillary, do you think? >> no -- >> it depends. a lot of the left is as i said elizabeth warren type democrats and bernie sanders sings their tune. so i think yes, absolutely but don't also forget we have not yet heard from governor o'malley martin o'malley from maryland. i think he will get in the race. >> okay.
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then there are people in fact that believe that perhaps the reason that sanders is actually throwing himself into the ring might be because he wants to bring up issues that he feels very important that need to be raised and perhaps he's actually running perhaps to help hillary? is that something that you could see? do you think he's really in it to win it? >> he wants to win it for the democratic party no matter who gets the nomination. >> i think he would love to see a democrat over a republican no doubt about it. but bernie sanders is fwoernor bernie sanders. he is a democrat when he wants to be obviously, going into this race but look he's going to hurt hillary to help himself. >> wait a minute. bernie sanders is not out for bernie sanders. i know the man. >> come on. please. >> what's he out for? >> i think he really has principles that he truly believes in. i know the guy. i have a report on radio stations in vermont for years.
11:47 am
i know this guy. >> he definitely wanted to stick to very serious issues meaning the vote that he voted against in the iraq war. he spoke of his leadership against the trans-pacific partnership trade deal which clinton's state department team worked on as you know. he also talked about his strong opposition to the keystone xl pipeline which was a lead role the state department played if reviewing the project when hillary was in the state department. all of these issues are very passionate to him. >> absolutely. that is what he sees his role in this race to be. not himself. >> so then brad would you believe that perhaps sanders is simply running to bring light to the issues he cares about? >> i think a lot of it has to do with bernie sanders being relevant within the democratic party when he's not a democrat. and he wants to influence hillary, there's no doubt about it in taking up the issues that he is passionate about and no doubt about that either ellen, but the fact of the matter is does bernie have the big enough megaphone to do that. and the danger is hillary running so far to the left
11:48 am
because she doesn't have the base of support. where she becomes selectable but not electable. >> know what will be interesting? i know it's early yet, but to see if there's any jabs at hillary. if you remember between president obama and hillary clinton, there were a lot of low blows between those two. ultimately she ended up working for him. maybe he will try to keep it clean. >> i think he will keep it very clean. as you know she tweeted out a positive message when he decided to run. i think this is going to be you know a very good thing. >> could be president hillary and vice president bernie, who knows. i'm just saying. >> only in the selection. >> exactly. all right. ellen, brad, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> kelly? a potential breakthrough in the early detection of cancer. the test that could predict the disease up to 13 years in advance. and the jerry lewis telethon taking a final bow after decades of tv fund-raising. why the muscular dystrophy association is now calling it
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a television tradition spanning decades is now over. the muscular dystrophy association is ending its annual labor day telethon. for decades it was hosted by comedian jerry lewis but his role ended suddenly in 2010. they said it's simply too expensive to put on a massive television production every year and instead will work on online funding. the telethon has raised over $2 billion since it started in
11:53 am
1966. harvard researchers say a simple blood test may predict cancer up to 13 years before the disease develops. chromosomes could hold the key to early detection. chair at lexknoxville hospital and professor at harvard. i find this an amazing breakthrough. >> it is. and we can diagnose someone for 100%. >> 100%. >> that is what they are claiming based on this study that was just published, 15 years ahead of time. so we can look at someone and say in about 10 to 15 years you are going to come up with the leukemia lung cancer prostate cancer. it is a simple blood test. by the way it is not available
11:54 am
yet. this is still part of the research and clinical trials. but they basically take a blood test. look at chromosomes. and at the end of the chromosomes is the telomeres. and if they get really short through two things that can make it happen. one is part of ageing and the other is that you have so many cells that are dividing that makes it become shorter. by looking at the end of the chromosome they can say wait a second this is a lot shorter than somebody else. you are heading towards cancer. this is a complete game changer. if it really pans out to be the future and we're all excited to see what the next faezze of this. >> i've no one you a number of years. you are a doctor. performed prostate surgeries and using lasers. you know everything about it. how does this strike you personally knowing a patient of yours could be diagnosed early. >> a good question. today we're using all this robotic technology to cure
11:55 am
people and doing great. imagine for example we would know somebody would have prostate cancer in the future and would say we probably have to remove your prostate. you heard angelina jolie went ahead of time. we don't need to go through a lot of these chemotherapies and radiation that can effect peoples lives. so this can practically change the face of cancer. and of course we're all excited about it. because the day that comes we don't have to do these operation operations oroperation operations oroperation operations or chemos and the radiations and you and i can go play golf. a dream come true. >> i like the sound of that. >> putting all of this on our blog today with more details for a lot of people who want to read more about that. >> i'll be looking furd it to. >> thank you. we are going head back to baltimore in just a couple of minutes and tell you what
11:56 am
demonstrators are calling a the victory rally today with a march through downtown that's after six officers are charged in freddy gray's death. that ooex next you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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hello everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour reducing the attention in
12:00 pm
baltimore. a day after charges are filed in the death of freddie gray. thousands taking the streets in what is being called that victory rally. is a stark contrast from monday's rioting. we'll have a live report just ahead. and americans trapped by the fighting in yemen. the state department reportedly calling any rescue mission simply too dajts. >> and royal reasons to celebrate. the duchs of chamberlain gave birth to a baby girl. we'll have the latest on the newborn little princess. >> gorgeous. >> oh you were not there to see it. but we begin with major developments taking place in baltimore. the violent protest turning into the celebrations following the days. ss protesters calling today's march victory rally. the more peaceful turn after the
12:01 pm
city's top prosecutor charged six officers with felonies ranging from assault to murder. live in baltimore with more. what is the atmosphere like. >> reporter: we walked about three miles from the part of the city where freddie gray was arrested all the way down here. and a number of these protesters have come down here. but once you get down here pretty eclectic crowd. you have got the folks from within the city who have marched and who have ended here. you have a group calling itself the socialist alternative. signing people up for a $15 minimum wage. you have attorneys here. trying to drum up business handing out different fliers. if you have ever been to a college campus particularly on the northeast, it is that kind of vibe too. a block party vibe. they are all calling for different things. the majority asking for these who transported freddie gray to
12:02 pm
be convicted. there are those also calling for ab end to the curfew. you went to end the curfew why? >> violence was monday night. we haven't seen any violence on the street outside of when the curfew was being enforced. i think it's about time to get open for business. you have families out that hurting. families that survive on the tips they make from restaurants from bars. and, you know, i do see the concern for the violence that we experienced. but i say, you know, you keep the law enforcement out here but lift the curfew. >> reporter: can't you say it's peaceful maybe because of the curfew? >> i don't think so. i was there tuesday. we went out and helped clean up a little bit. and literally you have people dancing in the street. it didn't get tense until the time started approaching the curfew. up until time that it was
12:03 pm
peaceful out there. people literally dancing in the street. >> eugene craig, thank you. talked to a number of protesters. they said they are going to go home at 10:00 after the curfew starts. and what we've seen in the past is police line up and move people through around 10:00, 10:15 in the evening. anyone who wants to stay usually ends up in a transport vehicle. >> reporting live from baltimore, where there is that stark contrast from what it looked like on monday. people marching around and walking in what they say is victory. the u.s. government holding off on any operations to rescue americans trapped in war torn yemen. any mission in the country would put u.s. citizens and assets at high risk. now, the decision leaves americans there vulnerable to the iran-backed rebels and the to one of the most dajts affiliates of al qaeda. live in washington with more and this was a very difficult
12:04 pm
decision to make. >> right now there are more than 700 u.s. citizens trapped in yemen. but the u.s. state department as you mentioned says it has no plans to evacuate them because they say it is quote, too dangerous. state department officials are not planning an evacuation like from egypt after arab spring or lebanon in 2006 when americans were evacuated by sea and helicopter when war broke out with israel. it has told u.s. citizens they are on their own concern if they plan an air lift that they might be targeted. >> i think all of us have hopes that yemen can find a path forward. now it is not going to be easy. >> with memories on the attack of the u.s.s. cole in 2000 spokesman says those trapped in yemen to an online registration
12:05 pm
system but the state kept has not asked the department of defense to carry out an order of evacuation. airports remain bombed out and sea ports closed. those trapped are muslim. many visiting family members. three muslim groups in the u.s. have launched a website, "stuck in yemen dotcom" and filed a lawsuit accusing the dod of discrimination. saying e-mail the organization for migration based in geneva and copy the state department at the following e-mail addresses. americans who are stuck have expressed disappointment with their government. in the movies the u.s. doesn't leave anyone behind one of them remarked to a "wall street journal" reporter. on the other hand the state department began warning americans to leave when they closed the embassy on february 11th. in syria one child is dead and 40 i injured after a suspected gas attack.
12:06 pm
government helicopters flew overtwo cities in the northwestern part of the country sending many people to the hospital gasping for air. rebel groups have been making gains in that area against troops loyal to basher al ha sad. this half a chemical weapons wash dog said he was ready to investigate a series of recent alleged attacked. >> after a series of fiery derailments, federal regulators unvaiming a new set of guidelines for shipping crude oil by train. the rules mandate the use of electronically controlled brakes and the least safe cars will be replaced within three years. and they have to be retrofitted and replaced by 2020. the guidelines already facing criticism and lawmakers saying they don't go far enough. industry officials argue the changes are too expensive and they won't do much to make the process safer.
12:07 pm
oh boy. it is a girl. britain getting a new bundle of joy. emerging from the hospital with that you are newborn baby princess. live from the london bureau amy what a joyful day. >> reporter: yeah. it was a lot of fun. kelly it went so quickly too. we'd all been waiting. the duchess was overdue and suddenly in the hospital and out of the hospital several hours later, hardly looking like she'd been through labor at all. presenting the new baby princess to the world. the princess of came bridgebridgecambridge. we didn't see much. kate was wearing a the yellow and cream flowered dress. the duke and duchess chose not to speak to the crowds. they just smiled and hopped into their suvss and zipped back to
12:08 pm
kensington palace where they are going to spend a few days before heading to their country home in norfolk. the duke of cambridge ran home early in the afternoon to pick up prince george and bring him to the hospital of the. the little prince george was stunned at the sight of the cameras and flashbulbs but he went with it. there was a lot of enthusiasm across london. crowds gathered outside the gates of the buckingham. the little princess is fourth in line to the throne now after charles, prince william and 21 month olden prince george. if the little girl had been first born she would have succeeded her father one day. there are lots of centuries old traditions they are sticking to like the easel which palisades place in the fore court of
12:09 pm
buckingham palace and on it the simple message, her royal highness the duchess of cambridge was delivered here today. baby weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. a name to follow in due course. back to you kelly. >> fantastic amy. so the pomp is circumstance is over and now it's going back to being a parent. thank you. >> yes. >> amy clogkellogg. the on going situation in baltimore now becoming a campaign issues as presidential hopefuls seek how how this could impact the race for the white house. and today's identity"beyond the dream" a who uses her experience to improve the justice system. and a man suing the beer company. what ticked him off next.
12:10 pm
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coming up for a quick check of your head lines. legendary blues guitarist bb king is now in hospice care in los angeles. this according to his long time business manager, the 89-year-old a has been suffering various complications among high
12:14 pm
blood pressure and diabetes. an earthquake hitting southwest michigan. officials say the epicenter was in galesburg. no reports of damage or r injuries. and a california man is suing miller coors over its blue moon beer. make the name is not featured on the label for blue moon and also describes itself as being artfully crafted and should i add great with a slice of orange. 2016 presidential hopefuls weighing in on the situation in baltimore. florida governor jeb bush saying he trusts the legal process that charges six police officers in the death of freddie gray. meanwhile former secretary of state hillary clinton calls for the justice system urging the
12:15 pm
end of mass incarceration. how will this play out for the white house. weigh in on this. how do you think this plays out as we go into the campaign? >> reporter: well obviously, you know anything like this is very dangerous for politicians to be overtly weighing in on something like that. because if they are seen trying to politicize a very very unfortunate situation, you know, it can be -- it can blow up in their faces very very badly. and i feel like we've seen a little bit of that already so far. >> we have. >> to answer -- >> not to cut you off but we have seen a little bit of that with rand paul who was an i guess i sell la but it is an amtrack train that ran from washington d.c. to new york and he said he was glad it bypassed baltimore. not a very good joke at the time. >> not very funny. obviously nobody wants to be in baltimore right now. it is a dangerous place.
12:16 pm
but the problem is he made a glib joke about it. and making glib jokes about something like this. no matter where you are on the political spectrum very bad things are happening in baltimore. you have a man arrest forward what turns out to be no reason. he winds up dead. you wind up with lots of riots and looting and things like that. and injured police officers. none of this is good. nobody thinks this is good. and so obviously making glib jokes about is political stupid at the least. >> it might be too little too late and that could hauntd him. martin o'malley the former mayor of baltimore, former governor of maryland. if he gets into the race, what kind of litmus test will he face given the fact that baltimore is his home turf? >> kelly, i don't know how martin o'malley can sort of continue when baltimore is very much a sort of utopia of his --
12:17 pm
you know his political ideas and things like that. i don't know how this is anything other than the very damning condemnation of his political views. >> and to your point, as you know he returned from ireland where he actually walked away from speech, paid speeches to return to his native land baltimore maryland to try i guess to help. but people in baltimore have a long memory. some were not pleased to see him at all. it was echoed as a matter of fact. >> and obviously he cut the trip short showed he felt the heat to begin with and then he gets heckled. it is a terrible, terrible situation. and to go back to the comments by hillary clinton and jeb bush. hillary clinton is talking markededly different tune than he has in the past about policing on the streets and things like that. and for jeb bush to sit there and say well he has faith in the justice system. the one thing we can all agree upon is well the justice system
12:18 pm
is not working skrrvery well in baltimore. you have a lot of crime, a lot of poverty, drug use. broken families and to sort of try to pass it off is just being oh well the justice system will work just a fine there. that is missing the point it seems to me. >> pretty much. and when you talk about mass incarceration as hillary clinton did, some of these policies we're seeing in police her husband was privy to putting that into place. >> and overtly endorsed by her. it is not just like tagging her with her husband's record. these were policies she wrote op eds. she was vocally very much in support of it. and that's why i just get very wary when you have especially the racial element to all of this. when you have big politicians trying to clearly -- clearly trying to sort of comment on all of this and to turn it into their political advantage, it is unwise --and charlie you raise a
12:19 pm
very good point because this is really beyond the politics of it. this is about people and trying to get to the fabric of how they live to transform communities. >> it's heartbreaking. and the first reaction for a lot of people who don't live in baltimore is the rioting is terrible. everybody agrees. but the -- just all of the pain and agony that underlies all of that and the failure of education system the failure of the police department the failure of the community, the city government. all of that is creating -- i don't want to sound so bleak as to call it a the waste land but in a lot of ways a lot of potentially great lives are being wasted in baltimore. and it is absolutely tragic. and i think that, you know it is beyond politics. it is something very profoundly
12:20 pm
troubling. and i i hope and pray that people get serious and we start addressing some of this stuff. >> charlie hurt we thank you for weighing in on this. of the washington times. stick around and watch this next story. it dove tails exactly what you and i have been talking about. watch this. >> i will do that. >> we were just talking about what was going on in baltimore. and after the victory rally is over baltimore as we focused must keep focus on the business of healing. the wounds are still fresh and the issues that are have hurt this community run deep. some political leaders as we've discussed are calling for more money to improve urban areas. in today's story we focus on prata patrice lee. grew up in a turf urban area of baltimore. and now as the graduate of the boston college she uses her
12:21 pm
inner city experience to address what she calls a broken criminal justice system. >> we have a great opportunity to talk to communities of the color who are disproportionately affected by the broken criminal justice. i but so far we've ignored this issue and we can't ignore it anymore. >> patrice says it is time to find a solution to the long-standing problem that stems from the war on drugs. >> policies we came up with the in the eighties to deal with the war on drugs is failing us and creating an even worse system and we've got to do something. unfortunately what we have now is blacks are the disproportionately effected. of the 2.3 million people incarcerated at least one million of them are communities of color. that is what we have as a result of these policies that were well intentioned but had unintended effects. >> lee is the founder of generation of opportunity, a non profit that helps young
12:22 pm
millennial find constructive and productive ways to use their skills and talents to help all people achieve their american dream. but she knows some obstacles like the high incarceration rate poor education and family dysfunction within community bs of color can turn a dream into a nightmare. >> it's no surprise most young black men are more likely to be imprisoned than to get married, to get a college education, to be working right now. and what that means for communities of color is we're losing fathers. we're losing mothers. people who provide stability for families. people who can be the next bill gates. innovators who can creating the ideas and products that change the way we do business change the way we live our lives. >> out of the problems of baltimore lee is still optimistic hoping positive changes can be made to improve the quality of life for communities of color, believing if we can transform sumpch communities we can improve the nation. >> we need to deal with the
12:23 pm
criminal justice system. and it's stroer restoring trust that's been lost because of unfortunately misguided policies. >> she condemns the violence going on but she is not disheartened. she believes communities and the distressed can overcome the obstacles that stand in their way but everyone needs to be involved. to get involved stop pointing fingers and to start talking. >> when we obstacles to achieving the dreams and realizing your potential in the way, as a nation we need to come together not turn a blind eye to it but actually listen to what's going on and then begin to institute some policy changes that will remove those barriers. more than one person feels like the american dream is out of reach, all of us as a nation that means it is out of reach for all of us. so while there are many of us who are pursuing it i think we went to make sure that everyone sees that policies are not
12:24 pm
keeping me from achieving what i want. and what is the american dream but the idea that you can take your god-given purpose and realize that -- >> that's patrice lee. we delivered the same message and has even brought the conservative heritage foundation and liberal aclu together at the same table to discuss interestings to improve the criminal justice study guide andystem and repair the breech. and it is the fight everyone is talking about. mayweather and pacquiao facing off. >> pacquiao. >> pacquiao i'm sorry. so we're going to -- joining us to break it all down. pacquiao up next. plus more live pictures from
12:25 pm
baltimore. while people are calling today's dparting a victory rally.
12:26 pm
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ask your doctor about lyrica. checking in now the latest developments taking place in baltimore. thousands marching through the streets of the city for what activist are calling a victory rally. angry poetss turned to bragss as the city's top prosecutors 2350i8d criminal charges t. demonstrators earlier holding a moment of silence in honor of gray who died from spinal injuries following his arrest. police and national guard carrying assault rifles are still out in force patrolling the streets of the city. >> the crisis in yemen putting the u.s. government between a rock and a hard place. the wall street journal reporting the state department has now deemed any mission to rescue stranded americans too risky. this as the fighting continues to spiral out of control.
12:30 pm
the foundation of the defense of democracies, mark lieb wits. thank you. what a difficult time. the yemen crisis has been building a long time. in fact for decades the state department has warned travelers not to travel to the country. why do you believe americans have kept going despite the warnings? and could it be argued they knew what they were getting into to putting u.s. solders at risk were not going to be justified. >> there are yemeni americans who travel there to see family. and they have been going there. and certainly assuming a the risk no going through but i think what we're seeing now is really a failure of the administration's policy. this is now becoming really a model of failure. >> how do you tell this is a model of success? the violence has escalated. it's been going for decades and doesn't seem to have an end in sight. >> it's true yemen has been a
12:31 pm
disaster for many years. and the administration is not responsible for that. what they are responsible for is the fact they have allowed the iranians to engage in essentially a regional breakout. where iran today is in the control of the capital of yemen and also in baghdad and damascus and beirut. and u.s. has been engaged in nuclear negotiation against iran but having puntshed back. including those in houthi yemen and led to the strategy in yemen. >> the iraq backed group, the houthi rentalbels. the u.s. government either now has to rescue americans abroad or become a target for armed groups like al qaeda backed rebels. which do they choose? if they choose not to help are
12:32 pm
they not giving into al qaeda and therefore sending the wrong message to the mideast? >> what's happening is you have a battle between al qaeda and the arabian peninsula la on one hand and the iranian backed houthi rebels on the other. and essentially we have lost our ally in yemen and we're losing allies all throughout the mideast. and this is essentially a sectarian war between al qaeda and the sunni backed extremeistextremists. so the united states has to make a clear statement that we'll go anywhere to protect our citizens and we'll also not let the region be essentially inflamed by the sectarian war particularly with iran on the march. >> according to the state department there is online system where americans stranded can register to receive updates since they are not going to be saved on opportunities to leave the country. what is your take on that plan? it is clearly not going to be
12:33 pm
enough. you register and sit and weight about whether the u.s. government dithers whether to rescue you. and this is not just going to be about yemen. this is going about u.s. citizens throughout the mideast. and as we're losing ability to actually have influence and presence in the mideast as iran and sunni backed extremists battle for supremacy. again this is not where we want to be as the super power in the world, we're essentially giving in to both al qaeda and to iran and u.s. citizens are potentially stranded as a result. >> this all of course during the president's recent deal soon to be possibly closed deal with iran. is very tricky. and when it comes to saving our americans abroad in need i mean in cases when commercial transportation by the way is possibly cutoff the u.s. usually evacuates citizens but there are airports being bombed in yemen. sea ports are closed to commercial traffic. so what other options are there
12:34 pm
in we don't go in and save these people? >> as the the very difficult choice for the administration. but unfortunately the administration is putting itself in this bind but not ahead of time maintaining force projection in the middle east. the president decided to pull troops out of iraq. he decided not to support moderate rebels in syria. he obviously saw his counterterrorism model in yemen collapse before his eyes and i think this is a failure of the administration's policy and failure of american intelligence to predict ahead of time so we don't find ourselves in these excruciatingly difficult times and we have u.s. citizens trapped and no presence no influence, no control. >> we have no embassy, as it closed in february either. >> correct. >> mark thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. well it is being called the fight of the century. after years of build up floyd mayweather. >> it's mayweather kelly.
12:35 pm
>> and pacquiao. >> you got me back. mayweather is undefeated in his career with 47 wins while filipino star pack know as 57 wins and several knockouts. how big is this match up? does it come close to being as big as the glory days you will recall like heavyweights muhammad ali and george foreman mike tyson or sugar ray leonard. >> well it does come close to the garylory days because it is a glorious fight we've been waiting years for. and these are the pound for pound kings of the sport of boxing. and a lot of people would have liked to have seen this five or six years ago when both were at take peak but it wouldn't be what it is today because it's grown over that time it's
12:36 pm
impossible to say whether it's going to go down as one of the great fights in history. all the hype and lead up into it is a whole different level. and the money. 200 million potentially to floyd mayweather and the 100 million to pacquiao. and the huge, huge audience. but we have to wait until the bout is over to see what we have. >> i guess you are right because it all depends on what their styles would bring to the ring. they both are very talented fighters. but they have different styles. can you talk about their style? >> well floyd "money" mayweather is perhaps at least in this generation and at this time the greatest defensive fighter. he's a genius in the ring. 47 fights and has rarely been hit. he's a proficient defensive
12:37 pm
fighter whose able to counteract all of that and in recent years he hasn't had the knockouts he had at the beginning but he's 38. manny pacquiao on the other end has lost a few fights the last couple of years. but he's a swarming type of fighter and styles will make fights and a lot of people think mayweather has struggled against left handers. i don't know how you could say that because he's never lost. but pacquiao presents a you remember in of challenges and problems and he's a fight who's won so many divisional titles and world championships that he's so formidable. and at 36 he is going to be perhaps the best fighter that floyd mayweather will have fought. but may worthy has fought mosley and de la hoya and the alvarez whose a young talent. so everybody has come through here and they haven't been able to unwind and beat him. and freddie roach says he has a blueprint. he's pacquiao's trainer. i don't know how you have a blueprint of someone who's never lost. perhaps he has something that
12:38 pm
wii haven't seen before. styles make fights and everybody is excited here. people yesterday, there were 17,000 fans who went to the weigh-in to see grown adults strip down to their shorts and get on a scale. 10 dollars to get in. they were scalping the tickets for $400. tonight 16,500 trying to get in. and. so the tickets have gone above a hundred thousand dollars. >> enjoy it. and that weigh-in they both weighed in really well. pacquiao at 145 and mayweather at 146. this should be a good match up tonight. >> how much do they stand to win again? >> just say it one more time. >> how much do they stand to win again? >> well it depends on the pay per view. if everybody out there goes to the pay per view and they get 3 and a half to 4 million homes, mayweather could make upwards of
12:39 pm
180 million to 200 million and manny pacquiao would be about 120 million. >> that's ridiculous. >> mayweather has been the highest paid athlete in the world for a couple of years. >> i'll fight kelly right now if you give me ten bucks. >> you might jump in but you wouldn't be able to jump out. so you might like to get the money but you might not be able to enjoy the check. >> might be a little banged up. best to you my friend. all right. some filipino fans of pacquiao are showing their native son just how much they love him, by eating him. staff at the buddy baker cafe took 24 hours to make this life sized replica. it is a chocolate cake with a head arms calves made from rice crispys. the baker wants to do something world class. friends of the baker will get a free piece after the big fight. i don't think i want to talk about that.
12:40 pm
>> the way it was written or what. >> we'll that alone. celebrations in baltimore following the criminal charges against six police officers still going on. those charges likely to bring up new questions. when we return our legal panel is going to weigh in on what we can can expect. plus a doomed mission for russia. a cargo ship heading to the international space station loses control. but just how will this mission end? ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car. welcome back. more now on our top story. and the national attention on police conduct. six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. . all of them out on bail after turning themselves in charging ranging from assault to murder. and there are many legal questions. defense attorney richard st. paul and among the charges against the six officers the van driver is being charged with
12:45 pm
second-degree murder a serious and surprising charge. do you believe these police officers were overcharged? >> certainly the driver. you hit it right on the head. the driver was depraved impb difference second-degree murder. he's the driver and apparently if there's been anything that happened to this gentlemen it would have been in the wagon. he wasn't anywhere near the driver. what they are hoping is they are going to overcharge one officer and the other other officers are going to come forward and fill in the gaps. >> there have been arguments behind the scenes that the driver may do this thing where they drive erratically intentionally to try and harm -- this is all alleged -- harm the suspects in the back of the fan. could they try to prove that the driver was in fact negligent to harm and ultimately kill the suspect. >> they potentially refer to as the rough ride.
12:46 pm
>> yeah. >> rough up theassailants in the back. talking about negligence. and there is a standard of care that isaoed. that potentially where you are talking about the involuntary manslaughter or manslaughter. but not driveepraved indifference. >> cases in ferguson and new york what do you think was behind the state's attorney and her motive in coming forward with these. >> probably because she had a lot of evidence. apparently the moment this happened the investigation started takes place. that's what's alleged. they started to witnesses and got the m.e.'s report. >> and charges came out right away. >> within hours. she had enough to charge them. her feeling was i have enough.
12:47 pm
i don't have to bring it to the grnl. i'm going forward with the charges. the trouble with that and of course she's obviously trying to push. when you have a group of individual six officers. someone is going to spill the beans. >> megan kelly had someone in silhouette speaking on their identity and what was behind the scenes that apparently he was a snitch and they had this deal with him where they would arrest him. he would throw a fight. he would scream, he would kick. they would put him away and bring him to the jail and that is when he would snitch. >> what do you think about the police officer coming forward and bringing out this information. >> that is part of the story we're going to hear down the line. the mitigating factors of why they should not be convicted of manslaughter second-degree murder or assault. you will hear that later but just to touch on the point that we talked about earlier is right after the arraignment you have a
12:48 pm
preliminary hearing. a judge will then decide if there is probable cause to go forth with the charges. there is still the ability for charges to get dismissed at that stage. even though the states attorney didn't go to the grand jury which can take days and weeks there are still opportunity for the police officers to have their case heard and charges dismissed. >> we are talking about white police officers and black suspects in many cases. here we have three black police officers involved. does race become involved at all? does the jury look away and not see color? >> that is such a great point. i think in this case color is not going to come in. race is not going to come. >> but that has been the driving issue between all the protests and the riots is the color of their skin. >> who depraved indifference and murder charges are against the black officer.
12:49 pm
so that's interesting. they are splitting hairs here. black on black. if it's going to stick that way. >> thank you. great to have you both on. thank you. fresh concerns after the failed launch of a russian supply capsule to the international space station. the potential dangers as a result of the incident. you know, in any job any profession image matters. i want some gray...but not too much. only touch of gray uses oxygen to gently blend away some gray but not all for that perfect salt and pepper look. satisfaction guaranteed. just you and the look you want. just for men touch of gray
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a supply capsule to international space station. the smining cargo ship is expected to return to earth at a fireball next week. the capsule was launched on top of a rocket that carries astronauts to the international space station after nassaua ended the program. tom jones is a former astronaut and arthur of a book planetology to give us an idea of what's happening. is there a chance that fragments from the supply ship could hit the international space station? >> that's a good question. fortunately the answer is no. when the russians launched the spacecraft is goes into a lower orbit so they can catch up. when it went out of control, it
12:54 pm
was well out of the way. back here, it will burn up almost completely. i predict there is almost no chance any damage or hazard to people occur on the ground. >> that's a good answer all the way around. i have to ask you how will this impact the crew of two americans, one italian and three russians on board the international space station? >> when i visited the space station we brought a care package full of fresh food and fruit. even a cake that had been baked for inguys up there. they look forward to a supply shipment because they get momentos from home and letters from their families and great foods they'll be requesting. there is back up supply on the space station, they're good to at least september. there will be two other supply shipments from the japanese and an american country before then. >> i was going to ask you that the next mission is scheduled
12:55 pm
for june 19th. now we know the supplies will last until september. i want to ask you since nasa has stepped away from the program paving the way for private companies to get involved are we seeing the quality of service or do we need some more work? >> this is a reminder of how tough it is to get to space. it's just tough to get to three tons of supplies accelerated to five miles per second to meet up with the space station. that's a reminder to all operators, they've got to be extremely -- almost religious about how they pay attention to detail. you can't forget anything. so this indicates a process change where some change was made in the production line. it's worked perfectly for years. they changed something on the ground. they have to track that down
12:56 pm
with a forensic investigation. >> thank you. really quickly, we have less than a minute. in one word describe what it was like when you looked out from space to planet earth. >> just the greatest privilege that the american taxpayer could grant to me to send me up there and have me serve the country, help build a space station. it's an awesome view. it brings tears to your eyes it's so lovely. >> good to hear from you, my friend. protests turning into celebrations in baltimore. thousands are marching in a victory rally following the decision to charge six police officers in the death of freddie gray. i'll see you at 7:00 p.m. on the fox report. i" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these milk-bone brushing chews. whoa i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen a dog brush his own teeth? the twist
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hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ hundreds gathering at city hall in baltimore for what's being called a victory rally. i'm pattyi ann brown. >> topping the news this hour today's rally comes 24 hours after the six police officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. >> new jersey governor chris christie says charges filed in the bridge gate scandal against his former aides prove he was not involved. can he shake the cloud of scand and mount a possible presidential run? >> it's


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